Field Guide to the Grumpasaurus
By Edward Hemingway

"Grumpasaurus’s transformation from prickly to huggable is totally toddlerlike and satisfying. VERDICT...This tale will surely resonate with young audiences."

School Library Journal

"An effervescent how-to for the wrangling of fearsome, tantrum-prone beasties...Kids will sympathize, parents will recognize, siblings will familiarize." 

Kirkus Reviews

"The book’s knowing sense of humor, entertaining oil paintings, and pseudoscientific conceit give the term grumpasaurus a good chance of making its way into many families’ lexicons."

Publishers Weekly

My Miserable Life
By Francesca Lia Block

"Block and Hemingway address realistic problems that an average kid might face with humor, sensitivity, and funny illustrations... A great pick for those struggling with school or feeling their first flutterings of independence."


"Charming . . . Social norms force Mac and Will apart; surprisingly effective, fruit-related pathos ensues before the two friends decide to buck convention and like whom they like. Who cares what anyone thinks?"

The New York Times


“The story works very nicely as a gentle celebration of friendship.”

Publisher's Weekly

"Hemingway’s bold and bright cartoon illustrations, a mixture of spot and full-bleed on patterned backgrounds, feature expressive animals and provide a nifty punch line at the close. This tale of who’s the preferred pet will charm animal lovers of all stripes." 

Kirkus Reviews

"Working in a mix of digital and traditional media, Hemingway makes the most of (the) plot, capturing the black cat’s seesawing emotions through big, blue eyes that reflect his smugness, trepidation, and elation."

Publishers Weekly


Tiny Pie

“This beautifully illustrated picture book is delightful. Readers will linger over the vibrant paintings that fill each page to soak in every detail.”

School Library Journal

"Tiny Pie is a gorgeous children's book."

Chicago Tribune



Bump in the Night
By Edward Hemingway


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"This lively story meets nighttime fears head-on with the right mix of silliness and reassurance. Billy's Elvis-like hair, huge eyes, and expressive mouth make him a character to love. Children will find humor in the contrast between his courageous intentions and cowering actions. An excellent addition to nightstands and library shelves."

School Library Journal